Monday, September 2, 2013

Almost 12 weeks?!

Seriously, how has a month gone by?! Yikes! Brooke will be 12 weeks on Wednesday and I cant even believe that.

Over the 4 weeks, a lot has happened!

I started back to teaching and am loving my students. I am hating being away from B, but my Mom had come out for 2 weeks so it made the transition way easier. This will be the first week that Brooke heads to my friend Tina’s house. I know she will do great with her, but it will be weird that she is not at home.

Ken raced 50 miles up in Steamboat Springs and took 12th. It was a great showing. We spent the night before in a hotel with E and C and Brooke was sweet enough to get up and eat once without feeling the need to cry. So good! Colin raced also and Errin, B, Jasper and I got to cheer. Picture below for our sweet setup!

GrandBob and NeNe also came down to visit for Ken’s (gasp) 30th birthday and to watch Errin crush it at a volleyball tournament.

Too much fun for one month’s time!

Exciting things Brooke has been up to:

Holding her head up like a champ-it is very rare that she needs any support there.

Mostly holding her back up while she is being held

Smiling all the time! She loves her belly being blown on and peek a boo

She is starting to coo and make funny noises

Loves the bath more and more each time

Throws her legs around during tummy time and can push pretty darn far off the mat with her arms when she wants to

And the photos…

9-11 weeks 0089-11 weeks 0159-11 weeks 0259-11 weeks 0339-11 weeks 0489-11 weeks 053

9-11 weeks 060

9-11 weeks 0679-11 weeks 0689-11 weeks 0799-11 weeks 0879-11 weeks 0899-11 weeks 115

9-11 weeks 124

9-11 weeks 125

9-11 weeks 129

9-11 weeks 133

And the iphone…