Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kitchen Make Over

Well, I finally convinced Ken that it was time to do something about our kitchen cabinets. To put it mildly, they were horrendous. Not exaggerating. Some were sun faded, others were so dirty from fingers that I couldnt get them clean and the rest were, well, ugly yellow oak. Ick.

While it could have been fun to get new cabinets, neither of us wanted to fork over the $$$ for that! Instead, I searched the Pinterest world and we decided to try our hand at painting them.

The process was pretty tedious and time consuming, but I wouldnt trade it for the world! Such a massive improvement and all with a toddler ;)

First, we pulled all of the doors and hinges. Ken was amazing and did all of the sanding. It was a bit weather dependent since it is winter here in Colorado, but he used the open windows of (mostly) warmth and went to work.

As he worked on sanding all of the bajillion doors outside, I took to wiping them down, priming and painting them in the basement. In order for them to dry enough (1 coat of base and 3 coats of paint on each surface), I would get up around 5:00 before Brooke woke up, do a second coat at nap time and then put a final coat for the day on after she went to bed at 7:30. I felt a little bit like a basement troll for a while, put it really wasn't too bad!

We used a basic white primer and then a Sherwin Williams paint. Happy to report that neither of them were very strong in odor and I never once felt sick after being in the basement with them. That is a big deal for me! I used a brush to lay down the paint on the surfaces and then used mini rollers to go over it so we didn't end up with brush marks. Worked pretty great!

After a couple of weeks without doors and hardly anything in the kitchen (we still managed to eat at home for all meals except maybe 2!!), we finally got paint on the portions of wood left in the kitchen. Two days of drying and then we were able to move everything back in and hang the doors!

It took about a week to pick and order the hardware (there hadn't been any on the doors or drawers). I chose some brushed nickel pulls and knobs from Amazon. We put the hardware on (maybe the hardest part) ;-) and are now incredibly happy with the result. Made the kitchen seem so much more modern. I am in love!

Doors off and ready to go!

Sanded and Primed

A Whole New Space!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

20 Month Catch Up

Well, hello! It has been quite a while! The last time I posted, Brooke was 15 months old and now, magically, she has hit 20 months. Time can slow down now!

Brooke is pretty much a small adult now. Ha. Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but the girl is quite the personality.

Exciting things in the recent months (although I now cant remember what 15 months looked like!):
*Lots and lots of words. The girl is a great communicator.
*Adores the outside, no matter what the temperature.
*Rocks the park...swings, slides, no fear.
*Naps are hit or miss, but she sleeps through the night like a champ still!
*Loves Jasper like crazy!
*Can be a bit sassy and quite opinionated.
*Gives the best cuddles
*Took swim lessons and learned how to blow bubbles. Adores the water now!
*Working on 1, 2, 3s and A B Cs
*Loves food, all of it...and has to feed herself.
*Seriously our little sidekick!

In random order, some pics!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The happenings and a few pics...

Brooke turned the big 1-5 last week. 15 months that is! Things have been so exciting and fun and busy that taking a second to put a post together has gone by the wayside.

At Brooke's 15 month appointment, the girl weighed in at 19.4 pounds (22%) and 31 inches (68%). Tall and lean, just like her Daddy!

Cool things Brooke is doing/saying and other things going on:

She walks everywhere. I guess I should say runs...girl moves fast!
She loves to play in dirt and is super brave about trying new things.
She goes down the slides at the park, no problem and no fear. Eek.
Jasper and Brooke have become the bestest of friends and it is adorable to watch them play!
She would be happy if she could spend all day, everyday outside. I think she will be mad at winter-better get some warm clothes!
Still LOVES food. All of it. How is she so skinny?!
Sleeping is stellar. 11 hours at night and about 2 during the day.
The words, oh the words: Mama, Dada, flower, Buba (Jasper), bird, book, bike, ball, shoes, nose, baby, nana, cado (avocado), fish, turtle, slide.....

And the picture fest of the summer (in random order):

Adore my little family!!