Thursday, September 19, 2013

14 Weeks and Some Changes

I cannot believe that Baby Brooke is 14 weeks. Oh, how the time flies!

She is an absolute blast and I love every second I get to spend with her!

In the last week she has been “talking” more. Not a lot, she doesn’t just babble. She wants to have a conversation with someone! She has also started to giggle a bit. Seriously, the cutest thing I have ever heard.

She is wearing her 3 month onsies still, but if something requires pants, we are working towards the 6 month clothes-She has long legs like her Daddy!

She is sleeping pretty great and if she wakes up at night it is for about 15 minutes to eat and then goes right back to sleep-for this I am very thankful!

We were at a bike race 2 weekends ago and she was a rock star. Ken did great in the first race of the season and is enjoying his new team. Such fun!

In big news, I have decided to stop practicing at my office and move to seeing people at home. This is a combination of my shoulders becoming more and more of a problem with larger patients and Brooke needing more of my attention.

While I will miss my co-workers and patients, I really feel that it is important to be around Miss B while she is this little-and it is helpful when it doesn’t kill my arms to pick her up!

This will mean becoming more creative budget wise. We are typically really good at being frugal, now we will see if I can take it to another level.

We both trust God’s plan for us and know that He will provide!

And now, the onslaught of pictures! Enjoy!!

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And from the phone: