Sunday, August 11, 2013

8 Weeks and She is a Princess

Brooke hit 8 weeks last Wednesday and here are some new things:

She smiles at everything…

Unless she wants to eat or sleep and then she just screams…not cries…screams! She thinks it is the neatest sound :/

She is mostly predictable with her nap schedule and sleeps for 2-3.5 hours around 10:30 or 11.

She as more good nights than bad and will give me 5-7 hours at a time!

She likes to nap on her belly

She supports her head fantastically

She continues to adore bath time and screams bloody murder when you take her out of the water. She never wants to be done!

Her hair is starting to fill in on the front of her head

She went to work with me last week for one day…and it was…challenging.

She is the cutest sweetest little cuddle bug in the morning

Jasper thinks she is more fun everyday-especially when she kicks him in the face.

Me: Didn’t really work out much the past week as I was transitioning back to work and Ken was busy with a bike event.

Alle left yesterday so the house is pretty quiet, save for B’s screaming

And now…the photo dump!

8 weeks 0068 weeks 0078 weeks 0098 weeks 0148 weeks 016

8 weeks 018

8 weeks 0238 weeks 0378 weeks 0388 weeks 0458 weeks 0488 weeks 0508 weeks 0518 weeks 0538 weeks 056

8 weeks 060

8 weeks 063

8 weeks 064

8 weeks 066

8 weeks 0728 weeks 0748 weeks 0888 weeks 089

8 weeks 092

8 weeks 093

8 weeks 094

And the phone shots///