Wednesday, May 29, 2013

38 Weeks and Wanting to Meet Her!

Hi there and happy Wednesday! I am blogging from the comforts of home in the middle of dishes and laundry watching it rain outside. I feel insanely blessed to have these few weeks off of work, but I also realize why I normally have 3 jobs. I think I function better in the land of crazy (I am sure that will come within the next couple of weeks).

This weekend, my sister Alle (who is staying with us this summer) got here with her boyfriend. We spent the weekend driving (Ken rode his bike!) up to Estes Park for ice cream and sight seeing, hanging out and eating and walking to the lake for Jasper to swim. It was a fun filled weekend for sure! We also got to BBQ on Monday with Errin and Colin-oh my gosh yum!

Alle started her internship at Spyder today, so her and Ken carpooled in together. So cute. That leaves Jasper and I to clean up the house and hang out. I also have a doctors appt and then am hoping short track doesn’t get rained out this evening!

Yesterday, Alle acted as our photographer for some maternity pictures (since all I had were amazing bathroom selfies). She did a fantastic job…LOVE the pics!!

Maternity 098

Maternity 099

Maternity 101

Maternity 103Maternity 104

Maternity 102

Maternity 105

Maternity 107

Maternity 108

Maternity 110

Maternity 111

Maternity 112

Maternity 113

Maternity 114

Maternity 115

Overall at 38 weeks I am feeling pretty darn good. Did a ton of walking this weekend, still cooking and cleaning and such. Really, I am just really excited to meet her…as in like now! I didn’t think that I would be one of those preggers that was ready for it to end and while pregnancy is totally awesome and not very uncomfortable, I just want to see what she looks like! SO…I will be trying every natural induction technique out there. Kidding…kinda.

Until next time!