Thursday, May 23, 2013

37 Weeks, a Bike Race and Being “Off Work”

Hi there and happy almost 3 day weekend! Although, for the most part, I am having 7 days weekends right now! That in a minute…

This past weekend, Ken raced in the Superior Morgul Road Race event. It took place over 3 days and included a time trial, crit and road race. Ken had raced this race last year and took 1st overall so I think he felt pressure to repeat (even though he spent the weekend working hard around the house trying to put things back together after all of our construction…etc). The guy is a nut!

Sooooo…Friday we met up for the time trial. It was a bit of a mess. He was late because of traffic and I was REALLY late…as in showed up right before he started and being the huge one I am at the moment, couldn’t make it up the hill in time for him to start (I was sad!). He wasn’t super thrilled with his performance, but it was good enough to take 2nd (not to mention it was HOT, there was a headwind and the guy had 10 minutes to warm up?!).

Saturday we spent the morning working on the house. Ken didn’t race until 4:40 and he literally filled the morning with working around the house. Always the best thing to do before a race. We met E and C in Louisville and Ken raced away battling for 5th (I think…maybe 4th). It was enough to put him in the leader’s jersey for the next and final day. We hit up some graduation parties afterward and it was awesome seeing friends!

Sunday was the road race. He relaxed for the majority of the morning which was what both of us needed! And then we headed to the race. E had a volleyball tournament, so Colin, Jasper and I were the support in the feed zone. Ken had teammates in the race and they did an amazing job of protecting his lead and chasing down any potential breaks that could knock him off the podium. He was also to bridge a huge gap up to the lead group…I think all of the housework has really helped with training Winking smile


013026 Ken took 3rd for the race which put him in first for the overall event. Yay Ken!!! So proud of him…not so proud of the outfit (the leader’s jersey mixed with his pink bibs and orange shoes..uh?)…tehehehe.

After a crazy weekend, Ken had to go back to work on Monday….but I started my “maternity leave.” I am still teaching online and will throughout the summer but am not seeing patients (except today when I am going in to see a friend).

One guy who is enjoying me being home…its rough.


Yesterday, Ken worked from home and whenever he took a break, I put him back to work…on something else!

We watched my little sister, Alle, graduate from college in Cali! So cool! And at the same time put together B’s crib! Multitasking for the win!


And the crib…so cute!


Which brings me to baby talk. I am officially 37 weeks and 2 days so B is technically full term and could come at any time! I had my doctors appt yesterday and I am 80% effaced and 1-2 cm dilated. They are having a hard time getting an accurate measurement because the little girlie is pressing down so hard (I could have told you that…ouch!) but everything looks great so now we just wait to see what she does.

It really looks like I am smuggling a basketball!



I feel pretty darn good and even hit the gym yesterday. Jasper and I have been taking some wonderful walks and while I am not fast, we make it work.

I AM getting excited to meet this little active one though. I have a feeling she is going to be a lot like her father….all over the place!

Well…time to get to cleaning! My sister is going to be here tomorrow to stay for the summer!