Wednesday, April 24, 2013

33 Weeks, More Snow and a Babymoon

Hi there! Popping in with a quick hello-seems to have become a monthly doing. I really think about blogging most days, but then somehow this crazy thing called work gets in the way. But alas, here are some happenings!

First off, here is a picture from 31.5 weeks. It was after the gym and possibly the last time I wear that much spandex for a while.


We have had some wacky weather here in Colorado this past month. Lots of snow storms! Yet, no snow days at school. Rude.


Ken decided it would be fun to go all hog wild and put tile in 2 of our bathrooms and the laundry room. Quite the undertaking, but all of the rooms look fantastic! So fancy!! This is the midway point…I think he just likes to use the saw!


In the midst of the craziness, Ken and I got to take a little adventure babymoon. There was some bike riding, some skiing (both Ken, not me), a lot of relaxing and some grading (not to mention we came back to town for 3 days to work in the middle)-we are kind of lame. A huge thanks to Errin and Colin for watching Jasper while we were gone! It was nice to not worry…and he had a BLAST!


We have had a couple of days of nice weather and Jasper has taken full advantage. He goes out into the backyard and hangs out in the sunshine.


Still working away and happy to say there are only 2.5 weeks of teaching left. Loving it still, but feeling a little big…and TIRED.

Yesterday marked 33 weeks…”7” more…and a doctors appt today! Starting to feel nice and pregnant! Getting a little hard to move around and rolling over in bed is a nice little chore. Still trying to hit the gym a few times a week-getting some funny looks from the guys in the weight room. Love that people keep telling me I am “tiny” but I think maybe they have lost their minds! About 28 pounds up and not so hungry anymore. Crave fruit ALL.THE.TIME!


Someone must have told Jasper he needs to rest up…


I have 2 baby showers this weekend and I am so excited! And feeling VERY spoiled! This little girl is going to have so many friends!