Tuesday, December 18, 2012

15 Weeks

Workouts: Some awesome walks with Jasper, time on the elliptical and weight work!

My oh my how time flies. I cannot believe today marks 15 weeks!

For the most part, I think people just think I have put on a couple of extra pounds because it is the time of year to eat!

At least my patients are enjoying the fact that I can reach them with no problem! Enjoy that people.

Baby size: Naval Orange!!

Cravings: Fruit. Any kind. Lots of it! Apples, oranges, my beloved watermelon (used with caution now)…

Food aversions: None! I even cut up a raw chicken breast!!! I couldn’t believe it myself!

Weight gained: About 5 pounds –ish. None of my pants button…this is making dressing for holiday parties pretty exciting!

Awkward work shot…notice the non-buttoning pants!


You can kinda still see the definition of my abs! Ha…that ship is about to sail!

In other news, Ken raced State Championships this weekend (so did Errin and Colin). It was a whole day of racing and it was awesome!! So much fun!! Ken didn’t do as well as he wanted..but the field was super deep and he rode well regardless!

This week is jam-packed with activity! Today we work all day and our wonderful friend A is coming over for dinner after! Tomorrow night (um, yeah, huge snow storm tomorrow!) is Ken’s work party and I am excited for every part of it…except getting dressed! NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT! And what the heck is Smart Casual?! Thursday I am working until about 7 and Friday….Cali bound!!! Cant wait!

I am hoping to hit up the gym Thursday morning…but that will mean I better get packing!

And because I love him…

Working hard:


Waiting for Dad to come home: