Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas, 30th Bday, New Years and 18 weeks

So my little holiday hiatus turned into 3.5 weeks or so. Yup, that is how I roll these days.

I managed to not have any pictures taken of me. I wasn’t really trying, we were just too busy enjoying the moments.

Highlight reel:

*Drive to and from Cali was long but uneventful. Jasper took the time to catch up on his relaxing.





*Only ate at In-N-Out once, be impressed!


*Had an amazing Christmas that left us feeling beyond spoiled.

*Had a lovely and quiet 30th birthday. Ken claims that I fell asleep at 7, but I KNOW I made it until at least 10!

*Got to play with our little niece Jillian who is a DOLL!

*Hung out with the parents and Jeff, Karina and Alle and were spoiled with delicious food that I didn’t have to cook!

*Were overwhelmed by the entertainment of the dogs. They are too much.


*Hiked with the pups while Ken rode his bikes all over the places stealing KOMs on Strava.

*Drove up to visit Ken’s parents and grandparents for a night-awesome! Ate too many peaches!

*Visited with friends!! Thanks for coming up Millicent and Jevon!

*Spent New Years back in Colorado with E and C playing Scrabble. Best game ever!

*Got new couches (because Costco took back our old one!). Jasper approves!


And in a little more detail, I am now 18 weeks pregnant Smile

Some fun facts:

*We *hopefully* find out the sex when we have our big ultrasound in 2 weeks (25th). Ken is hoping girl, but has changed his “feeling” to boy.

*It is very strong! 2 days ago I started feeling movement and now I feel it throughout the day. Busy little sweet potato in there! Must take after its father!

* I can officially say that I have gained 10 pounds (goodness, if I could only use a camera!). Ken has lovingly nicknamed me “fatty”. So sweet.

*I have experienced 2 pregnancy migraines. No fun at all.

*And none of my clothes fit! Okay, some do, but for the pants it requires hairbands to keep them together.

So that is the fun in our little world. We are headed to Wisconsin tomorrow for Cyclocross Nationals. Hello, rain and snow and mud and ice…should be a blast Winking smile