Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little better

So, this post is a little closer together than the last 2 Winking smile

On Tuesday, I hit 14 weeks. Woohoo. I have so much more energy these days and don’t feel nearly as nasty.

Weird note-apparently BB doesn’t like Tuna with Watermelon. I got to see that one again yesterday. Gross overshare, sorry! Luckily, I didn’t really feel bad, it was just decided that I needed to try something else!

Before we get into anything else, Jasper has been feeling neglected on the here are a couple cute pics of the lazy Vizsla…



It is a really rough life that he leads…or I lead..He had me out of bed 3 times last night. Is he trying to prepare me for something?!

This past weekend, Ken raced amazingly and managed to overtake another guy for first place in one of the race series he was competing in!! Yay Ken. He was so excited that he showed a little belly on the podium. I think he is annoyed with me showing him mine all the time, so he thought he would put his out there for all the world to see. Thanks, Love.


Sorry for the crappy picture…it was getting dark!!

Since he got all immodest on us, here are a couple of pics from me! Again, sorry for the craptastic blurry pics! I promise to get better!

Week 4 or 5 (Pretty much I had just found out)


Week 14:


I am going to have to hire Ken to take better pictures! I suck…and I need to clean our bathroom!! But I did get bangs!

Weird cravings this week: watermelon. But then I see it again. Love/Hate relationship.  Oh, and vinegar anything Smile