Tuesday, October 16, 2012

USGP of Cyclocross 2012

Workouts: Some walks with the Jasper, Yesterday-elliptical and weights. Kicked the cr*p out of my legs. So good!

Yup, it is Tuesday and I am posting. Be proud. It is taking everything I have not to fall asleep on my keyboard. Our little friend Jaspy was not a fan of sleeping for solid amounts of time last night…unless it was under our feet. Jerk move.

So, let’s see….this weekend there was a whole lot of bike racing going on! We were up in Fort Collins both Saturday and Sunday so Ken could ride around on his bike and try to survive. It was a BIG race…as in: All the big time professionals. No big deal.


Pictures are courtesy of our friend, Ann. Because I am incapable of taking a camera anywhere anymore.

Ken did well both days, but better on Day 2. So proud. Colin, Errin and our friend Z raced too and did great Smile

The rest of the weekend was spent…eating? Really, there wasn’t a whole lot of time outside the racing.

On Saturday, 2 of my fave students came and watched. It was sweet hanging out with them!

Which reminds me…on Friday, I went with some kiddos to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was…interesting. Pretty well done, but not something I would have chosen myself.

And this week…it is work work work until the weekend…and another weekend or racing. I don’t even know what other people do on the weekends anymore?!!?!

Better finish my notes…and one more patient!