Friday, October 5, 2012

No Dice

Workouts: What workouts?! I went to the gym Monday for some elliptical action and some weight work. Today: Maybe making it to the gym before a little road trip.

You would think that the ending of one job would allow for more time to blog. Let’s call this the make-up week. I promise to be better, really.

So…last weekend I said goodbye to my favorite kiddos. Not that it was really goodbye-I will be going to a game next week and meeting up with a couple of them. But it was still really sad and a lot of my girlies cried…as did I …. a lot.

Luckily, I had some distractions. One of them was a trip down to a bike race South of Denver. Errin and Colin met us down there..THANKS!! so I didn’t have to wrangle Jasper, hold a bottle and be ready to hand a pit bike. I tell you, I think our job is harder than Ken’s. I tease.

He did great and finished 2nd Smile


This week has literally flown by. Between work and test writing…and grading and work…holy cow! I am so tired.

This week my mom is back east hanging out with my grandparents. My Grandpa had a lung biopsy (That just doesn’t sound pleasant). So far so good…just waiting on official biopsy results! It helps that he is the toughest person I know .Winking smile

Not that it is Friday…THANK GOODNESS…we are finishing out the work-week before heading to a hotel for the night. Errin, Colin and Ken are racing (in the freezing cold) but I haven’t even looked at my bike…so my debut has been postponed. Lucky for them, I have been practicing my screaming though…so I am all ready to cheer.

Sunday…if Ken decides not to race, we will be going to our first new church attempt. Kind of excited!

Have a good weekend!!!