Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Short Week

Workouts: Been riding much more than running. Spent some time at a bike park yesterday!

We are going to call this week vacation. Albeit a crazy please let us make our flights type of vacation!

Today I am in the office seeing patients…and a lot of them! haha. Apparently they heard I would be out the rest of the week!

We are making a quick trip to Las Vegas for a little bike race called CROSSVEGAS! Ken raced it last year and did well, so here is hoping to another successful year under the lights! He has a bit of confidence going into it after this weekends third place finish at Valmont! He did so great!!


Sidenote: Errin raced her first 2 races this weekend and absolutely crushed it!! Now, if only I can be as brave as her…and learn how to handle my bike!

We will be in Vegas for less than 24 hours before making our way back to Denver and then hitting the friendly sky's once more. We have a friend getting married about 25 minutes from my grandparent’s house, so we get to make it a wonderful 4 day trip Smile

My students are taking their first exam today…hope they find it as fun as I did writing it! hehehe.

 Looking forward the the chaos that will be preparing tonight!