Friday, September 14, 2012

Caffeine Friday!

Workout: Thursday-Ran with Ken 3.1 miles. Slow and filled with puppy playtimes.

Welcome Friday!

I was thinking that it feels like FOREVER since I had a weekend. Then I realized I was in class all of last weekend, so it is in fact true!

This weekend will be filled with a TON of school work. Exam writing time! Fun yet time consuming!!

Happily, our receptionist was in need of caffeine today, because so was I ….. thank you iced coffee and soy milk. You are the reason I am functioning!


I literally have eaten lunch bite by bite throughout the day today. It has been crazy busy with crazy patient injuries! I still have 2 more and I am hoping they are not as mind blowing as the first 7 today!

Seriously, if you are in a neck collar and having an MRI next week to make sure nothing is broken, no…I cant adjust you! But, I will do some light muscle work with you….since you begged. Yikes!

Saw a young woman who is in desperate need of a personal nutritionist. My shoulders are paying for that one!

All in all…I am trashed today!

Lucky for me, I get to ride when I get home before making dinner and heading to a football game. *Smirking at myself.*

Ken is racing this weekend (as are Errin and Colin)…I am just not quite there yet! But I am pumped to be cheering!

We are having high school students over on Sunday night…somewhere between 10 and 30 probably. Seriously, LeeAnn…what is wrong with you?!

I am sure I will fit it all in with the 2 page list of things to do….Is it Thanksgiving vacation yet?!?!