Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bye Bye Suzi

Workouts: Mostly riding. One mile on the treadmill this morning as a warm up for a weight workout.

Hi there. I promise to someday be back into the swing of things here. Life has been a little busy lately (Not really new news!).

Let’s see…where to begin….

Last weekend I sat through classes…all weekend. Not much excitement there.

Saturday Ken raced his first Cross race of the season. He did awesome and took 6th place!! Yay Ken!!

Sunday…we sold Suzi! My beloved little red Suzuki!!! I am happy to say, she went to a super awesome woman who promised to take great care of her….I believe her!

Later on in the day, Errin and I went for a cross ride…and met up with the guys on the course for this coming weekend….I will not be partaking in the excitement, but Errin is. I am still too much of a wuss!

Monday…we borrowed Colin’s truck (Thanks!!) because we were down to one vehicle…which meant that after work, Ken and I met at the dealership to purchase one of these….

It is the new Santa Fe Sport and I am in LOVE. This is clearly not ours, but I cant be trusted to do anything (especially take photos!). I will, someday!

It is a dream to drive and now Ken and I fight for the keys!! Today, I won. tehehe.

In the past 2 weeks I have also read the Fifty Shades of Grey series. OMG…no words. It is pretty much terrible writing (ie-Twilight level). It is pretty much disturbing (at least the first book). But for some reason I couldn’t stop. I hated the first book, but gave the second 2 a chance and thankfully they were a bit better.

Honestly, I skipped through most of the exaggerated/awkward/ sex scenes…and was more interested in the sub-plot. To each their own…

Alright…Time for some exam writing and patient treating Smile