Thursday, September 6, 2012

Days go by…

Workouts:Tapered last week and raced 10 miles on Saturday. Sunday-Rode with Errin. Monday-Ran with Lauren. Wednesday-Rode HARD for 45 minutes.

Oh boy, finally in the blog world this week. Yeah

Some highlights from my missing time here…

*Raced on Saturday and was only 2 minutes slower than last year…with a LOT less training. The race was great, I knew so many of the volunteers and my wonderful husband rode with me for the last 2 miles. AWESOME.

Afterwards, this happened:


With a certain creepy little dog stalking me…



*Post-race, Errin picked me up and we headed south for lunch with Ken (who had to work a ski show thingy) and then a trip to IKEA!! Always a good time!

*Sunday-After some Church going, Errin and I went for a lovely bike ride. We practiced our amazing cyclocross skills. I think we are ready for Worlds. tehehe.

In the evening, my small group came over for a Hunger Games viewing and sleep over. So Fun!!

*Monday-I tried to get some work done (tried) but didn’t get too far before heading down to Golden for a nice trail run with Lauren and a BBQ. The food was delish and before we knew it, it was 7:30! Eek!

The rest of this week has been a whole lot of working. I am adoring teaching my classes (and giving them quizzes). They even draw me great pictures (ie….the diffusion of sailboats). Pretty outstanding!

Church work is a little rougher…The kids are phenomenal and I love spending time with them…but there have been some other happenings that are not quite as lovely. Cant share much at this point, but for now I am just doing my thing.

And with that…another patient and off to Thursday Night festivities.