Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, Hey There

Workouts….I have been running. A lot. 10 miles on Saturday. Today-Supposed to do a Tempo run-4 miles with a little warm up and cool down on either end. It may move to tomorrow.

So, pretty much this week has been a little wacky. How about a couple highlights.

Last Saturday I ran with Jasper. It was too hot out and Jasper bonked. Oops.

Sunday I taught and then went on an awesome ride with Errin!

This week I started teaching. Oh my goodness. It is actual in class teaching, so there is some extra driving involved. I have gone home exhausted everyday (including Monday) and then have hours of work to do still.

Ken has been awesome in helping get dinners together and clean stuff up. I think I will keep him!

I ADORE the teaching side. Who would have thought that I (being so afraid of speaking in front of people) would love to be in front teaching?!

Pretty sure the students think I am a little nutty, but hey, I am! I try to keep thinks interesting because let’s face it…Covalent bonding is not that exciting!

Jasper enjoyed the quality time we spent together this week…driving…


Going to spend the rest of the day in meetings, making dinner and then starting to get things ready for Ken’s 29th B-day party Saturday.

Oh…and getting ready for class tomorrow Winking smile

Random picture from Ken’s phone from 2 weekends ago….