Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Thing for Cool Kids

Workout: This morning. Progression run. 5 miles total. No dog. Kinda sad!

As I predicted, last night we didn’t get home until almost 6:30 and my to do list won out over my workout. Sometimes this happens. Not a lot, but it does.

I got to work on my list, made some dinner while Ken changed the brake pads on my car and then did some baking (Prep for a little party this weekend!).

So, today I got to teach. I say get to because I think it is a blast! I came into my office for an hour, headed up to Longmont and then came back for some patients.

I am really still getting used to my schedule. This is week 1 of 15 for the class and I am sure I have overwhelmed everyone already. Eek!

It is absolutely amazing how exhausted I am! It is just impressive that I have put all of these words together!

No teaching tomorrow…so it is just a day of treating patients. Nice and relaxed!

Today I was supposed to stop at our friend Z’s house to pick something up…and I completely spaced it! Read: I have lost my mind! He is so sweet that he is going to drop it off at my office tomorrow as I cannot be trusted to function. So nice to know such great kids!!

Promise to be more entertaining tomorrow…if I make it out of bed!