Friday, August 17, 2012

Chaos, Anyone?

Workouts: Wednesday-Rest, Thursday-Ran 4.3 miles worth of hills, Today-Riding into Boulder.

Yup, so it is Friday! Where has the week gone? I have a feeling that I am going to be used to this feeling for the next few months! It seems like there is so much to do and so little time!!

Tuesday-After work, I headed into Boulder to grab a gift card for Ken for work. Most awesome place for a wedding registry? I think so…


It happened to be a bajillion degrees outside so I rolled up my jeans so I could look awesome. Right.


No post Wednesday-because I spent 11 hours at FRCC getting acclimated and meeting awesome teachers. Problem-no school email yet…so I cant do any of my online planning/creating. Not great!

No post Thursday-because I was super busy with meetings and then patients. A good thing. But…so tired! Had a great run with Jasper in the morning and it was COOL out. Feels like fall is heading this way?? Or maybe just for a day. Still, it was great!

Today-Several patients but a little breathing room. Scattered time to put a blog together and hopefully time to finish some school planning stuff.

Errin is awesome and is having a play day with Jasper after she is done working….so that I can ride my bike into boulder this afternoon to meet Ken for a party!


That means I have to look at this thing all day and wish I was out riding it. Rough!

Our plans are pretty limited this weekend…other than riding for Ken, 11 miles of running for me and a whole lot of planning and prepping! We are even going to try to sleep in tomorrow. WHAT?! I know!

Have a great weekend!