Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Splash of Color

Workout: Ran 1 mile warm up and cool down, 2 miles hard (7:44 min/mile pace). =4 miles with the pup!

Today was my first real run of my training schedule. It was basically to get a baseline for target paces for runs for the next 5 weeks. My body wasn’t quite sure to think about this new found speedwork…since I have been incredibly lazy about it.  My calves were super sore/crampy afterwards…so I am rocking my CEP compression sleeves under my work pants. Classy.

Tonight I am heading down to Denver to celebrate L’s bachelorette party! We are doing some dinner and a cruiser ride through the city. I don’t know about riding with a lot of people…should be interesting. The theme is rainbows and unicorns…multi-colored tutus anyone?!

Since Ken is also heading out on bachelor party adventures, little mister Jasper is chilling with me at work today. He is typically pretty good…until he hears a weird sounds and ends up in my lap…


Happily he is now passed out on the floor (on his bed of course!).

R and R get here for the wedding tonight, but not sure if we will see them..I am thinking we may see them in the morning. If I survive a third night this week of being up past my bedtime.

Cant wait to tell you how it goes!