Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Workouts, Some Parties and a Wedding

Um, you know, it has been a week. Eek.

I can barely remember that far back…all I know is that it was jam-packed full of fun and craziness!

Wednesday-After work, I met up with some lovely ladies for a bachelorette cruiser ride around Downtown Denver. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical going into it, but in the end it was a good time and a good workout!





The amount of bikes and people were insane! We met up with the guys at the end and that was pretty sweet.

I got home at midnight…Ken got home at 3:30. Yikes!

Thursday-The next morning we managed to stay in bed until about 8. We were pretty impressed with ourselves. We got up and hung out with Ken’s parents who had made it there while we were out playing.

I had to jet for a meeting, but when I returned, we had some lunch and spent the afternoon hanging out on the porch.

Ken and I managed to hit the gym for some weight work.

And Jasper played with my outfit from the night before…


Around 6, we headed down for a BBQ with the wedding folk.

Friday-Rene’ and I headed out early for a Bridesmaid’s Brunch. We had some delicious food and enjoyed celebrating everyone there.

The rest of the day, I worked on my ceremony devotion…nervous much?

In the evening, Ken and I made the trek back to Golden for the Rehearsal Dinner. It was another lovely occasion and we had a blast hanging out with everyone.

Saturday-Wedding Day!!!! Ken and I woke up and ran 7 miles, because that is the best way to start any day! We ate breakfast with the fam and wandered around the house before it was time to leave.

Around 1:30, we went into Boulder to pick up Ken’s tux pants (they were the wrong size the day before). We ventured down to Golden to meet up with our respective side of the Bridal Party and then made the drive up to the venue.

We had a little bit of drama, but for the most part, everything fell together perfectly. The weather drizzled a little, but never when we had to be out in it! Everyone looked gorgeous, seriously, prettiest bride ever!

I did my little devotion and didn’t stutter too much Winking smile



And the rest of the night was spent partying down!! We had a blast!

By the time we pulled into the driveway (after dropping everything off and cleaning up) it was about 2:15. Long day!!

Sunday-Church. Stopped by to visit our friend Z who had a nasty bike crash during the week. R and R took us to lunch-which was DELICIOUS!

Sat and watched the Olympics and then CRASHED!

Monday-R and R left for home Sad smile and Ken left for work Sad smile so Jasper and I spent the day cleaning up the house. I ran a bunch of errands before running 3 miles with Jasper and then hitting the gym for some weight work.

Tuesday-work work work…it was a busy day! Stopped by Z’s house to take out a stitch that the Doc had missed. Picked up Ken (who rode at lunch and then rode home). Had a friend over for Tacos and Margaritas! Watched our ladies take home the GOLD in gymnastics and then hit the hay!

Today-Ken dropped me off to run 5 miles (3 with steep hill repeats) into work. Took a shower in the sink. Classy. And now I am finally putting this post together before getting some work done!

Sorry it is ridiculously long!!