Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OH! That was a Morgul!!

Workouts: Friday-Ran at Ken’s race, couple miles straight down and back up! Saturday-Ran 7 miles officially, but added at least one more at the race. Sunday-Ran unknown amount and pretty hard! Monday-Walked Jasper 3 miles. Tuesday-One mile to warm up and an upper body workout.

Let’s start with Friday. Friday after work, Jasper and I headed straight over to meet Ken to watch him compete in the time trial. We arrived just in time for me to change into my running clothes before heading down there course.


Initially, I was going to make it a longer run and hit up the trail, but we ended up helping a friend who was in need of a bike part (thankfully Ken had one in his Mary Poppins bag).

In order to make it to the round about, J and I sprinted through weeds and bushes along side the road. We made it just in time to find Errin and watch Ken go zooming by….


He was flat out flying!!

A few minutes later we watched our friend Z fly by as well—but…the Highway Patrol underestimated his speed and there was a car in his path. Z managed to jump over the center portion of the round about, collide with the SUV, stay upright and continue on his way! It was UNREAL. Errin and I were ready to run over to peel him off of the asphalt, but luckily he is young and bounced!

Jasper and I made a mad dash back to the start area to be there when the guys returned. We were thrilled to hear that Ken had a great ride (which earned him first place in his category!!) and super happy to see Z in one piece (minus a tear in his shorts).

Post-race, I made a quick dash to my first graduation party of the weekend.

Saturday I woke up and headed out the door to my second graduation. This one happened to be outdoors and it was raining. Pretty much, we all froze! But it was worth it to be there! After defrosting a bit, I ran to the gym to meet up with Errin and run on the dreadmill. It was 1.5 miles there, 4 on the mill and 1.5 home. I also threw in some arms and core. Good times.

Once making it home, I hit the shower and did some lesson writing before putting on real clothes and heading to 2 graduation parties. Next, it was time for the second race of the weekend.

It was Ken’s first criterium and it rained right up to the start of the race. I hung out with Errin, Colin and Gayle and we watched Ken and Z go past us so fast MANY times. It was very spectator friendly (especially when the sun came out). In a sprint finish, Ken took 3rd and Z took 5th. How cool!!!

After the race, Ken joined me at the last grad party of the day before we headed to E and C’s for dinner! Thanks guys!!

To be continued…………


I totally didn’t do any speedwork tonight, BUT Ken let me mow the lawn again! Great cross training!