Friday, May 18, 2012

What’s a Morgul?

Workout: BUSY day with patients-I am going to be exhausted this afternoon! There may be some running clothes in my car-but I am doubting they will be used.

Why hello, Friday! Thanks for joining us!

Today is going to be pretty nutso….made only more crazy by the fact that we didn’t go to bed until 11 something last night and were up before the clock hit 6. Oh summertime sunshine in the window (love/hate relationship with that one).

Jasper is joining me today because Ken is working down in Denver today. I am pretty jealous of him right now…


So let’s talk craziness. This morning I have quite a few patients! Completely awesome patients! My shoulders should be sufficiently shot by the end of the day! I am planning on bouncing a little early because Ken is competing in a Time Trial (more on that in  a minute). Right after the TT, I am heading to a graduation for one of the local high schools (and another at 8 am tomorrow morning!). It is going to be a jam-packed day!

Now…for the Morgul talk…


The Superior Morgul is a 3 day road bike racing event. Friday (today) is the Time Trial, Saturday is a Criterium and Sunday is a Road Race. Last year Ken raced the RR, but this is the first time he is doing the TT and the Crit.

Because he has not raced these, I don’t really know what to expect from today or tomorrow. It is going to be a whole new cycling experience and I am pretty excited! Can’t wait to let you know how it goes!

This weekend also includes many graduation parties and graduations. Is it bad that I am looking forward to the calm of next Monday?

Back to business!