Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plans Change

Workout: First rest day in 6 days!

Hi there…just stopping by to say hello Smile

Today has not been the typical Thursday. I actually got up and headed into work with Ken because I had a ton of admin work to do. Not really a fan of making calendars, but someone has to do it. So now the work day continues….and although we don’t have a group event tonight (it is tomorrow instead), I managed to book Ken and I a meeting in Denver at 7:45 (and I have patients until 6:30). Sometimes I am dumb.

Jasper hasn’t really noticed the change in our schedule….


Living the dream, that one.

Yesterday, J and I’s Marshall Mesa plans were changed to another day on Flagstaff. Instead of hiking up, we ran! I know, pretty sweet!

We got to see Ken at a place where the trail passes the road (Jasper loved that!) and made it up to the “3” mile marker, not that we ran 3 miles, our path was more-straight up.

The run down included some unexpected speed work because we were a little late to meet Ken-who happened to be the same amount late to meet us. Perfection!

I didn’t take my camera because it was the same path as the day before—and that was dumb because we went about 6 times as far and had some amazing views. I guess there is always next time…

Better get to work!!