Friday, April 27, 2012

Just a Little Bit Crazy

Workout: Riding my bike to a baseball game after work.

Jasper had a great time hanging out at work with me yesterday…so much so that he wanted to hang out in my lap….


That is his “we should blow this joint and hit up the dog park” face.

My evening got crazy with patients back to back and late and I didn’t end up getting out until 6:40-and K and I had to be in South Denver at 7:45. I maybe freaked out a little on the inside.

Somehow, we managed to get home, Ken showered while I threw together some food, hit the road and made it down there…early. What can I say, that is how we roll!

We went to our little meeting and then drove home in a gorgeous lightning storm. We had quite the welcome from our little Vizsla.

We didn’t make it to bed until well after 11 (yikes) and it took all I had to drag myself out of bed this morning.

This morning joined right into the craziness of the night before….Everything was a little bit rushed because of my inability to get out of bed and the fact that we had a 7:30 appt to drop the truck off for some warrenty stuff. As Ken was walking out the door, he realized the truck keys were nowhere to be found.

We tore rooms apart in our search and luckily he discovered them hanging with Jasper’s leashes. Um…let’s just say I didn’t put them there. Winking smile

Jaspy and I followed shortly in Suzi and met Ken at the dealership.

Clearly Jasper wasn’t amused….


Notice something on top of my car…not 1, but 2 bikes! That’s right, in true carpool fashion, I am riding my bike to a baseball game after work. Pretty perfect actually. Workout plus transportation equals AWESOME.

I made it to work with plenty of time before my patients!

Tonight we are supervising students at X-treme challenge (I will let you know more about this next week-never been there).

And then….tomorrow….Ken is racing. Errin and I have decided to leave Jasper at home and rock our bikes for the day. Little bit quicker to get from place to place. I literally cannot wait!!

Have an awesome weekend Open-mouthed smile