Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Its Hot and Its Cold

Workout: Rode the stationary bike 10 minutes, light!! leg work and 15 minutes of swimming. (The swimming was the only thing that hurt…no more swimming!)

After a gorgeous week and weekend of 70s and 80s….today we have snow!

It feels like this kind of snow…


but really it is more like this….


I am trying not to be too bitter. I have been LOVING the warmth, but I guess a little change up is okay.

Ken and I have mixed opinions on Jasper’s view of the snow….He thinks Jasper adores it, I think Jasper prefers about 72 degrees. Case in point…he started to shake when we got in the car this morning. Maybe because he is a giant wuss…or maybe he misses the sunshine too.

The gym was lovely this morning (minus people sitting on machines and not doing anything-Ken wasn’t thrilled). Normally our 5 am’ers are pretty laid back but this morning a guy irritatingly yelled “excuse me” at me while I was walking in the lazy river (against the current). Apparently he wanted the easy line too. Snarl.

And now…onto a busy afternoon! I will literally have a 15 minute break between now and 5! Ready and go….