Monday, April 2, 2012

A Glorious Weekend

Well hello Monday evening…how did you get here so fast?!

Workouts: Saturday-3+mile trail walk. Sunday-Same 3+ mile trail walk (plus a little extra). Monday-20 minutes on the elliptical and upper body weights.

Look at all of those workouts! FINALLY getting to get back into some real exercise. So thankful.

This weekend was absolutely phenomenal. The weather was PERFECT and I got to spend some quality time with my favorite boys.

Saturday I ended up having 2 patients in the morning and (per Ken’s suggestion) afterwards Jasper and I headed to Marshall Mesa to do some walking. We had a great time!


We got home in time to have lunch with Ken (he was out on another epic road ride) and then he was sweet enough to start my raised garden beds!!


Sunday we spent the morning at church before heading out on our respective workouts. Ken rode his mountain bike up Super Walker and Jasper and I returned to our loop from the day before. It was another perfect day.





Post-exercise, we ran some errands before heading home to do a little more work on the raised beds. (And then we went to the gym…to go in the jacuzzi!)

Today the weather has been pretty dreary. It only made it to the mid 40s today which felt especially frigid after the gorgeous weekend.

I fully took advantage though…cleaned all my baseboards, did all the laundry, cleaned my slatted blinds, visited a friend and her adorable new baby, hit the gym….

And now I am perfectly content sitting on the couch watching the KU/UK game…waiting for our ice cream to be ready to eat….and hanging out with my favorite guys!

Let’s go KENTUCKY!!!