Friday, March 30, 2012

How Do You Make a Friday…

not seem like a Friday?   You schedule a patient for 9am on Saturday morning.

Just one of the problems with not being about to say No.

Workouts: Wednesday: Walked (hiked-oops) for 45 minutes. Thursday: Cleaned the homestead. Friday: Hoping to get a walk in!

I totally was going to blog last night, but a certain male friend of mine was using the computer to stalk other cyclists upload his ride from the day and compare it to other peoples.

So now I have to rewind to Wednesday after work. So long ago! Ken had plans to ride after work so Jaspy and I decided that we would go for a little walk in the mountains. Well I failed to remember that the trail we chose was pretty steep and longer than expected. Downhill=sore back…..but we survived. It was beautiful out and Jasper had a BLAST!!!





I like to make up for a weeks worth of no pictures by taking them all on one day.

Oh…and yes….it is very hard living in paradise.

Thursday was quite the whirlwind of cleaning, protein bar making and working. Nothing too exciting, except maybe our trip to the dog park. This guy loved it…


Today I am stuck inside working. Such a waste of a gorgeous day! But you better believe that as soon as the workday is over…I will be walking out the door and into the sunshine!

We are having one of our favoritest high school students over for dinner tonight, but I am going to try to get out for a couple miles of walking before she makes it over to our house.

Exciting things this weekend….

*Patient at 9 am tomorrow (yes, I am pretty much only seeing her because she is a runner)

*”Walking” at Marshall Mesa with Jasper

*Starting to build my raised garden beds (hint hint husband)


*Oh and if we win the Mega Millions-maybe we will head to Italy for a day or two Winking smile