Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If I Had a Million Dollars….

….or more….

Is anyone playing the Mega Million game? No one won the jackpot and it is now up to something nuts like 476 million?!

Ken and I purchased a ticket last night (with 2 drawings) and managed to not get ANY of the numbers-shouldn’t there be a prize for that too??

Of course, we know our chances are insane (and we only like to play when there really is NO chance) but it is fun to try.

Last night, we played the “what would you do with the money” game.

Both of us are all about giving a lot of it away. Family, friends…church!

But we could also come up with a few things ourselves:

Ken’s first thought included things that move…shocker. Porsche Panamera (I probably botched that), a Raptor, a Sprinter Van….He also thought a house in Hawaii would be nice.

My first thought was new carpet! I’m nothing if not practical. I also decided that we would stop our current birth control regime (baby fever much?). There would be some fun things too-like a little LuluLemon shopping spree. wink wink. But I love our house and don’t think I would have much desire to move at this point (I guess that is a good thing!)

What would you do with 476 million dollars?! Or should we say $13 after taxes Winking smile