Saturday, March 24, 2012

All Wheel Date Night

Howdy and happy Saturday!! I hope that you are having a fantastic day and that if it is pretty where you are….that you got out and played in the sun!

Last night Ken and I went out on a date night. We ate dinner at home before heading down to Denver for a little Auto Show action. We had a blast looking at all of the new cars and I even hopped in a few…okay, more like slid into each seat cautiously.

I must say, I was kind of in love with the BMW X3. It is absolutely adorable. Now if I just won the lottery….

We also loved the Audi Q5, the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Ford Escape. There were some sedans in there as well, but I tend toward the bigger vehicles.

After walking around for about 2 hours, my back was READY to head home and hit the couch.

This morning, after a delicious pancake breakfast, I dropped Ken off to go for a ride with Colin and Jasper and I visited the dog park for 45 minutes. There was a big running group at the parking lot and it made me sad. tear. I just want to run or ride or SOMETHING.

Post-park, Jasper helped me rake the lawn and clean up the backyard (because clearly if you are not allowed to run or ride, you should do yard work).

When Ken got home, we ate a quick lunch and headed to Costco for some extra quality time together. Now he is in the man-cave building up his mountain bike and I am lazily laying on the couch. 

Even warmer tomorrow….hello 79 degrees!