Friday, March 23, 2012

Duck, Duck…Shoes!

Workout: Walked to the bank, possibly walking around the auto show. Thrilling, I know.

Everyone please give a round of applause for the return of Windows Live Writer! Oh, how I missed it for that one post!

Here are a couple of random pictures from our time apart:

My Mom sent Jasper this adorable little Easter duck. He is in love.



Not staged at all…..okay, I’m kidding. Impressive that I could get him to hang out there though, huh?

Surprisingly, that duck arrived on Monday and it is still completely intact. Forget those “indestructible” dog toys, it is all about the duck!

Spring weather has come early in Colorado (summer weather?) and we are supposed to come ridiculously close to 80 degrees this weekend. While I would kill to be out running in my amazing anniversary gift from Ken….


I will be stuck continuing to let my back heal. Injuries SUCK. Although…I may have to sneak a hike walk at some point. wink wink. I am a terrible patient. (I am looking forward to posting about my rehab/getting back in to working out once I can move a little better!)

In possible exciting news, I am thinking that I will go see The Hunger Games this weekend. I loved the books and have heard only amazing things about the movie. That is a good way to make me feel better about not getting to run!