Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Extra Day

Workouts: Sunday: 3 mile walk…that took an hour! Blech. Monday: 20 minutes on the recumbent bike and an upper body workout.

Yeah, that’s right. I exercised 2 days in a row! I made sure that nothing was painful but HAD to get my blood pumping a bit.


This weekend was beautiful! The sun was shining…it was warm. It was perfection. Ken made good use of it by spending the weekend on his bike. He even managed to hit the trails with Colin for his first mountain bike ride of the season.

Jasper and I took advantage of the weather by doing things like raking leaves and laying out in the back yard.


It is rough being him.

After church on Sunday, J and I took our 3 mile walk. It felt so slow! But, alas, it was beautiful and I had good company.



No lie, I took off my tank top and just rocked shorts and a sports bra. And it is March…in Colorado!

In the evening, Ken and I met up with E and C to catch The Hunger Games. I loved that it followed the book…but still have some issues with the premise. It was pretty action packed, so I was sure to stay awake.

Yesterday (Monday) I got a wonderful surprise as Ken took the day off and stayed home to hang out with me! It was probably the best day of the “weekend” because not only did I get to enjoy his company….but we got a LOT done around the house!

We put a new (to me) desk in the basement for my crafting area, cleaned up the house, did all the laundry AND bought materials for my raised beds. What a day!!!

But now reality has returned and it is time to get back to work…even though it is GORGEOUS outside. Drats!