Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carry On

Oh hey! Happy Thursday…oops-I mean Tuesday. Well-my Thursday Winking smile Don’t be jealous!

Workout: A yet to happen 45 minute ride on the bike (trainer) this evening with a leg workout (maybe on the weights).

Quick workout aside….I have recently begun to up my mileage in a real effort to train for my two races this spring. My coach, Erin, has done an amazing job of putting together my plan (which includes running, riding and swimming plus weights). I am pretty excited for it!But there is one thing that puts a damper on the workouts and that is….PAIN!

On my 7 mile run on Saturday, I started to get a little twinge in my outer right hip..followed by the inability to walk on it without wanting to fall over after my 5.8 miles Monday. Ouch!

As a doctor, I would have told myself not to run on it Monday, but as a runner, I felt like I needed to run. Dumb!

I am pretty sure that it is bursitis. How I trained for a marathon last year without any of this going on and then 2 weeks of running and BAM…I will never know!  Maybe it is the running on snow part.

So what is the treatment for bursitis…Rest, Ice, Stretching…not exactly what you want to hear when getting ready to go on a trail running vacation!! Growl. So…tonight I ride (not run) and tomorrow I take off and everything else will get toned down until the pain goes away.

Speaking of trail running vacations…..We are just a few days away from jetting off to Hawaii!! (By way of Cali!)….and guess what…we are packing in Carry On bags!


No, that is not me….but I may be trying that!

We really don’t want to pay the extra money to take luggage and we will have access to a washer and dryer, so we are taking the cheap minimalistic approach.

What does this mean…It means I will be packing small things (running clothes, flip flops, dresses) and wearing bigger things on the plane (jeans, trail running shoes-with flip flops to slip into!). If I need to, I can even layer the smaller things.

So if you see a woman in the airport with 4 shirts and 3 pairs of pants on…don’t judge me!

Cannot wait!!!