Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crazy Mode

Workouts: Last night 45 minutes on the bike. Today…REST DAY!

Last night looked a little like this…(Sorry about the fuzzy phone pics)



Guess that movie….don’t judge, but yes, that is New Moon being watched as I pedaled away. It was that or the news…and that doesn’t pass time quickly at all!

The ride felt good-a little never ending, but it is kinda similar to the dreadmill. I just hate working out inside.

Good thing we are hitting the road tomorrow for some warmer weather…say hello to 70s and 80s. Where have you been all my life for the last 5 months?!

This morning, Ken dragged himself out of bed at 5ish to hit the gym. I was going to join him and do some swimming, but I must of slept on my hip funny (it felt great during the ride). It was super sore and I just don’t want to push things before our trip… I was forced to stay in bed for another hour. Jasper was pretty happy about that!

Today has been filled with work and work and work. I feel like a busy little beaver! After work things will not slow down either. I need to finish packing, pack for the dog, help Ken load the car, cut up snacks and put together meals for the ride and prep breakfast for the morning.

And if we are lucky, we will get everything done in time to hit the hot tub one last time!

Counting down hours!!!!