Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Presentation That Would Never End

Hey there and happy Wednesday!!

I hope that you feel better than me. I woke up this morning with that achy all over feeling with the hairball in the throat…otherwise known as the getting sick following camp normalcy of my life. It stinks.

Jasper is chilling on his bed at my office…Snapshot_20120118

And it is taking all of my strength to keep from curing up with him and taking a nap (or at least just cuddling).

Pretty sure I am going to leave work early and go home to collapse on the couch. I don’t think Jasper will complain.

Last night I hit up the gym for a quick 2 miles around the track followed by an upper body workout. My arms felt like Jell-O when I was done. It was glorious! I am pretty excited to see the increase in the amount of weight I can lift, just in the (not quite) 2 months I have been doing it!

I am almost as strong as this lady….



Um, maybe not!

Once home, I got dinner together while Ken went to the gym for his workout. We had chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli-quite the healthy meal.

Just as dinner was about to be served, a lady from Rain Soft showed up at our door. We had scheduled the appointment last week (though I thought it was for some college research project) but I had hoped she wouldn’t be able to make it. Alas, she showed up and showed us how disgusting our water was and tried to sell us on a filtration system. Yes, I thought it was a good idea and totally loved it, but not quite ready to drop 4 grand on it right now. But thank you very much for the $20 gift card to Home Depot…I can do a lot of Pinterest projects with that!

The test and presentation took over 2 hours….yup, you read that right. So much for getting to enjoy a night together (we ate while she did the test-awkward, much?). When she was done, we showered, had some sleepytime tea and passed out.

Maybe an easy leg workout tonight….depending on how craptastic I feel….oh, camp…why must you always end this way?!