Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We made it….

through winter camp!!

Ken and I have returned from our 3 days away with 33 of our closest high school friends. It was great and amazing and it is nice to be back home to our bed.

Highlights Main points from the trip:

*Knowing that our pupster was in great hands. Thanks sooo much E and C for taking care of him!!

*Uneventful charter bus rides up and back

*Zero issues with kids doing things they shouldn’t. Really. They were amazing.

*Skiing (carefully).

*Student with a broken clavicle-on the first run down the mountain (hence main points and not “highlights”). He was a rockstar and stayed at camp. No complaining.

*Conversation with a parent that I wanted to send to time out (of parenting).

*9 hours of sleep-total.

*Eating delicious food. At a camp.

*Watching God work in the hearts of the students.

*This sunset


*Walking into our house to a wiggly Jasper.

*Going to the Rec Center with the sole purpose of sitting in the hot tub.

It was a great (exhausting) weekend with a ton of prep work. Now it is time to hop back into the real world and get back to work….

Hitting the gym tonight to compensate for my lack of lifting weights and get in some good cardio.

Special thanks to my amazing husband for volunteering his much loved weekend and doing a wonderful job with the students and keeping me sane! Ken, you are the best!!

Back to more normalcy soon Winking smile