Friday, January 20, 2012

New Toy=New Dilemma

Friday…best day of the week (especially when the previous Friday led into an non-existent “weekend”).

Today is going to be a busy day! Working at the office until 4, should probably start my lesson for Sunday during lunch, heading straight to a HS boys basketball game after work, dropping Ken off at home before heading to a youth event at Jump Street and finally heading home to crash. I am tired already!!

Tomorrow I am hitting the gym bright and early with Ken because I will be heading to a Baby Shower for Heather! I may be insanely excited Smile

Excited?! That would have been me yesterday when Ken told me that he “won” this on E-bay (you know, won…but still have to pay for it).



It is going to look amazing with some pink handlebar tape, huh? It is a cyclocross bike-so I can through road tires on it or nubby tires and use it on road or trail. I am beyond stoked-can I still use that word?

Ken got an amazing deal on it and I have been researching every part of it. I am going to sell my road bike to help offset the cost. I cant wait until it gets here…next week! Bah!

So what do I mean by new dilemma…it seems awesome, right? Well-all of last year, I ran! And ran. I have goals of doing a couple of trail races this spring, but I have a feeling I will be tempted to spend all of my time riding instead of training for them! Jasper may be mad at me!! Plus, I have been hitting the gym pretty hard…oh the trouble with loving working out! If only I had the talent to be a professional athlete and work out all day!

…and how does that fit in with wanting to start thinking about a baby…sorry Ken…I went there. Tehehe.

PS My shellac nail polish is still chip free-but starting to grow out!