Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does it Snow in Oahu?

Howdy and Happy Tuesday (seriously almost wrote Wednesday)…it is dreary outside and all I can think about is this…


Is it February yet?!

Let’s talk about weekend happenings…

Friday after work Ken joined me for a freshman boys basketball game (or at least part of one). We rushed from there to grab him a movie and some dinner before I dropped him off at home and headed to Jump Street to watch 40 MS and HS students jump. No jumping for me thanks-I like my body in one piece!

Saturday morning we got up early to meet E and C at the Rec center to do some working out. I did a mixed upper and lower body workout since I missed the night before.

Post workout and shower, I headed to Louisville to celebrate with Heather at her baby shower. Ken was right…I left wanting to poke holes in all of our contraceptives. And still want to. Sigh.

I had lost my voice the previous night, so the whole weekend was a little “quiet”. The rest of the day was filled with cleaning and such.

Sunday: Church. Cleaning. Jacuzzi. I really haven’t the slightest idea. Oh! Costco…it was great!

Monday…Jasper and I hit the open road trail for a nice 6 miles. We had a great run and kept the pace around 8:30 the whole time. So nice to get out!! After the run, I dropped the pup at home and headed to the gym to do some lifting. My legs were thoroughly done. Good times. The rest of the day was [thankfully] very lazy-much needed.

And today…it is snowy. All I want to do is finish up with patients and head to the gym! Totally throwing dinner in the oven so it is ready when we get home. Oh snap! 1 more hour of work!!

And  30  days (one month) until this….oh shaved ice…how I long for you…just not the red!