Friday, January 27, 2012

I Need a Fast Forward Button

I am seriously excited that the weekend has finally decided to join us! The past 5 days have been nothing short of crazy.

Yesterday, Ken and I both had to work late so we dragged our behinds out of bed at 5 am to hit the gym. We started with a nice little mile warm up on the track and then played in the weight area.

Because I am going to the gym tonight, I broke my workup into lower and upper body. Yesterday was lower body and my boot-ay is screaming today. That whole standing up business is quite the challenge. I pretty much did every lower body machine (3 sets of 15), 3 sets of 15 squats on the balance discs (with 15 pounds), lunges down the hallway, backward lunges with pulses, and some fit ball work for the abs and glutes. I even spent a good 10 minutes stretching-which I rarely get to do!

As much as I loved the early morning workout, it made for a long day!  I had meetings in the morning, followed by treating some amazing preggo patients in the afternoon and then headed to church for group in the evening. I got home at 10…rough!

Jasper was with me all day and kind of looked like he does right now…



Yes, my little lover is with me again today. He makes me smile.

Ken’s yesterday went even longer than mine-he didn’t get home until 11:30ish. I was still up. Good times.

Getting out of bed this morning for a 7:45 patient wasn’t much of a party either….but now we are working away and waiting unpatiently until it is time to go home and (after working out) crash on the couch.

Happy Friday!!! Oh! My bike came…cant wait to play with it tomorrow with Errin (and maybe Ken!!!).