Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not Quite the End of the Craziness

Contrary to the hope in yesterday’s post, Ken’s work schedule has resumed its un-delightfulness. When he got to work this morning he was informed that he would be needed in Denver this afternoon/evening. Blah!

Seeing as he had taken the truck, we met up for the quickest Hi.Bye.ILOVEYOU ever to switch cars. Jasper was unsure about the awkwardness of our meeting, but he went with it. Unfortunately, Ken thinks that he will be down there pretty late…which means he wont be able to train today (not great after a week off and a race Sunday).

It was nice getting to kiss Ken in the middle of the day Winking smile

Jasper joined Ken on his journey because after work today I have other commitments (as in a High School play). I know, you are shocked! It starts at 7 so I am hoping to squeeze a little run in before hand.

Last night I attended a church Blockparty. I was there from about 6-9:30 and during that time, I got to have my hair done. And, by that, I mean 2 freshman boys got to create a “shaving cream mohawk” for me. It looked a little something like this…



Except that I am a girl and my hair is a bit longer. It literally took me 3 rounds of shampooing to get it all out and it was incredibly drying. I need to make myself a little hydrating mask for my poor hair!!

It may have been those freshman boys favorite event ever! For me…maybe not! Haha…at least there were burgers!

I cant believe Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks?! Where did 2011 go?! Cant wait to see R and R Open-mouthed smile

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