Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Start of a Long Week

Oh, Tuesday. You arrived so soon.

I am happy to say that Ken made it through the last 10 days in (mostly) one piece. For his sake, I hope the worst is behind him!

In his absence this weekend, I fulfilled my “crafty” promises (albeit less than expected because they were more time consuming than I expected.

First off, here is a picture of the Japster on Friday before heading home…pathetic!


Saturday morning I actually managed to drag myself out for a decent run. Jasper and I complete 5.42 miles while Ken got in a quick ride before heading to work. It felt awesome to run (and at a good pace too!).

My main goal for the weekend was to stencil one of our bathrooms (thankfully it was the smallest). It took me about 6 hours total to get it done between Saturday and Sunday. Geesh…but, I kind of love it!



At first, I was afraid it would make people dizzy (me included) but once I put things back on the wall it was fine.

I had to cut it short on Saturday night  because I was driving to Longmont for a production of High School Musical. It was cute. Ken still wasn’t home when I returned at 9:45, but luckily he was not too far behind.

Sunday was solo churching for me. It is never as fun without my husband there with me, but luckily I had 30 high school students to keep me company. Love them

Once I returned home and had finished stenciling (Jasper was mad that I was home and not playing with him), I guiltily indulged in some pleasure reading. I am reading American Wife. It is pretty good. Different from what I anticipated, but I like it.

Jasper was eager to hit the sack after a long day of …nothing.


Oh, those eyes!


Yesterday Ken got to work from home! Which meant, I heard his music playing from the office most of the day and got to eat meals with him! So nice! He managed to get up early and go for a ride. I managed to stay in bed and rode later!

That’s right, I rode! For the first time in forever I took my mountain bike out on the (kind of) trails. It was super fun and I actually worked a lot harder than I thought I would.

When I made it to City Park, I decided I would try my hand at dismounting like you would on a cyclocross bike. Well, after several attempts on the left (correct) side of the bike (and a lot of the bike hitting the ground) I tried it on the right. It was SOOO easy and natural on the right. I got it on the first time! But when I called Ken, he told me I had to do it on the left. It still remains to be established if I am coordinated enough for that one. But for now, I am relishing in the fact that I could even do it!

In the evening, we went on an errand escapade. Not for super fun things, but it was super fun hanging out! We got a new car battery from Costco and new blinds from Lowes for the family room…oh and a humidifier filter from Walmart (very exciting, no?) Jasper was excited because we DID manage to grab him a new toy!

While we were at Lowes, I may have lusted over the carpet. Our “white” carpet is mostly “gray”. Blech. Who would put white carpet in a house in Colorado…It gets snowy/rainy/muddy here people!!?? I am thinking that next year for Christmas/Birthday/Ken’s Birthday/Ken’s Christmas (don’t tell him)/ Valentine’s Day/ Presidents Day/ Yom Kippur, I may ask for donations for new carpet. Yes, I am weird like that. For now, I will just bust out the trusty carpet cleaner, then it only LOOKS dirty and is actually quite clean!

Okay, back to work and then an event from 6-9:30 tonight. Call me if you hear me snoring!

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