Friday, November 11, 2011

3 Runs in 3 Days

Running has finally returned in more consistent fashion. I’m glad.

Yesterday was so busy that I didn’t open my computer until I got home at 10. Ha. Gotta love Thursdays! But, back to that in a second.

Wednesday night after work, I got to go for a run before heading to a high school play. It was about 4:45 when I started out my run and about 35 degrees and getting dark. fast. I ran on the Bobo Link Trail in Boulder, which I never do because it is No Dogs Allowed in certain areas. Being that I didn’t have Jasper, I figured it was a good place to go.

It was COLD. And a little sketch in the twilight, but it was BEAUTIFUL. I ran along the creek (which made it colder I think) and even saw an owl chilling in a tree. It was so cold that I didn’t warm up much at all-I just ran…fast! I finished my 4 miles in about 33 minutes. Pretty good for my lack of consistent running.

Here is a picture taken from the comfort of my warm truck BEFORE heading out! A lady tried to pass me while I was slowly running by the owl, I flew by her a minute later (I’m no competitive at all. wink wink.).


Thursday morning (I didn’t have to be at work until 1!) I spent time cleaning, putting away laundry and taking Jasper for a run to the Dog Park. We did about 3.4 miles with a 15 minute break for some puppy playtime. It was BEAUTIFUL out and I wished I had shorts to go with my T-shirt instead of capris. Quite the change from the night before. Our pace was a little slower, but still pretty good!

Yesterday also included: work, meeting, back to work for 3 patients in a row, driving like a crazy person to meet up with Lauren, her mom and Em for some Wedding Dress Shopping! (she looked gorgeous in all of them!), flew back to Boulder for youth group and then went home and fell on the couch.

Ken was in Denver all day, but got to hang out with his buddy PS who is in from LA. They had a phenomenal dinner out the with the Spyder peeps. I had 2 pieces of terrible LC pizza. Jealous much?

Today I am pretty busy and then have a nice little run planned for after work with the pup! Looking forward to that one! We are staying in Louisville to workout because we have a group dinner to attend at 6. Oh how I long for tomorrow and NO PLANS! I miss my husband, seriously! And I cant wait to hang my new blinds. Apparently Ken has a long list of things to do tomorrow. Can’t wait to see that one!

Until next time….

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