Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boulder Cup and an Icky Monday

Another attempted Monday blog post failed miserable! Maybe I should just give up and take it off of the To Do list.

But, anyways….I am back with some fun weekend happenings and a crap-tastic Monday.

This Saturday Ken and I lazily lounged around the house. Part of that had to do with the late night prior (we went to a packet pick-up party and then dinner at a fave Thai restaurant in Boulder with a big group of people). We didn’t end up getting home until well after 10:00 (yikes…that is past my bedtime!). Luckily, Ken’s race was not until after 4 pm-so we had some time to recover!

Around 1:15, we headed up to the Boulder Res for some cyclocross action. The weather was so weird…hot…cold…windy. It didn’t seem to know what to do with itself. Lauren and I hung out and hit up the free coconut water that was being handed out…Score! We were supposed to go for a run…but some shoes were forgotten so we postponed for the next day.

Before we knew it, it was race time…

boulder cup 004boulder cup 008boulder cup 011boulder cup 012

boulder cup 014

Colin (who raced earlier in the day and did great) and Errin manned the pit so I was free to roam around and yell at cheer for Ken all over the course (thanks guys!). They guys did great! Especially racing with all the big names.

After the race, Ken joined me for a Sweet 16 party. We dropped off some roses, enjoyed some food and headed home to collapse on the couch. Good times!

Sunday morning was a little more hurried. We had to get everything together before heading to church-and I had to wear “real clothes” instead of just workout attire. Boo.

As soon as we finished at church, we headed to Valmont Bike Park for Day 2 of the Boulder Cup. We got to watch our friend Zane absolutely kill the Junior race. No contest. Being there early meant that we got to check out a lot of the course. Looked pretty muddy to me!

Lauren and Tim got there just in time for the 2 of us to take the pups on a quick 40 minute run (funny how short that seems). We made it back in time to kiss the boys good luck and cheer for them for an hour.

It looked like a really tough race and the big names really laid down the hammer. Once again the guys did awesome! So proud of them.

Awesomely I forgot to grab my camera-but I will grab some good pics when they go up!

Now…lets have a quick chat about Monday. Oh Monday. My normally favorite day of the week shall not be my favorite of this week…I hope!

Sunday night I discovered a deep cut on one of Jasper’s paws so I called the vet to get him in. Sure enough, he needed 2 stitches. Which meant leaving him at the vet so they could put him under and picking up a pup with a taped up foot. No running for 4 days. He will be very crazy come the weekend!

While he was getting taken care of, I had a dentist appt. to get two small fillings. I HATE having my face numb!! And it gets all swollen. They only gave me 1/3 the normal amount and I still only got feeling back around 6:30 (appt was at 2!). Plus, I had to do the grocery shopping and sounded especially awesome when I was checking out.

With all of that and registering the truck, it was a very expensive day!

Jasper ended up on the couch pretty early…see his ouchie paw!


And to make things worse…we only had 5 trick or treaters (in just 2 groups). Sad day! Plus….Ken is working super late all week…so the Japster and I will be holding down the fort. But…that means that there will be a lot of projects getting done!!

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