Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to Beautiful

After one day of crazy weather…we are back to our normal Colorado awesomeness!


Really, does it get any better?


Ken wouldn’t know, he rode at 5:45 this morning. It was still dark when he got BACK. Ewww.

Since my marathon, I have done an awesome job of running about 15 miles. In.three.weeks. Quite the change from 35-40 per week! Part of it was that I needed time to recover, part of it has been my shoulder being too painful to do anything and part of it has been that I am NOT an elite athlete like my husband and can get away with loving a warm bed a little more than a run!

Another factor is that I am done with THE race! I made it through my year of training and my schedule is suddenly clear. Running a marathon is kind of like having a kid…as soon as you finish your first one, everyone asks when you are doing your next one! The truth is, I don’t know. I REALLY enjoy long runs and the excessive eating schedule…but 26.2 miles on the hard roads maybe isn’t my thing. I loved the half marathon distance and am thinking about sticking around there for a while…or….something else that interests me is a trail marathon. I know it will take longer to run…but I LOVE running on the dirt (and my body likes it a lot more too).

A difference with how I will be training is going to be a lot more cross training. I really want to get on my bike and enjoy some lower impact cardio. I feel like I built up a great running base this year and I want to mess around with other things. I would TRY (I suck at it) swimming, but I don’t belong to a gym and swimming in a frozen lake doesn’t work so well!

With all of that said…I MAY be running a 6k race tomorrow with Lauren (on the cyclocross course!!) or we may just go for a nice run. Either way, it will be a blast!

Here are some races I am thinking about/planning on doing next year!

Sage Burner 25k Trail Race (15ish miles)

Teva Trail 10k

American Discovery Trail Marathon (50/50 on this…depends if my friend Kelly does it and is looking for someone to run with-because that would be AWESOME!)

Just some thoughts!

Being lazy again this afternoon and not doing anything…go me! Well-there is that Rocky Mounts event we are hitting up tonight…gotta pick up Ken’s race bibs for tomorrows big Boulder Cup race Smile

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