Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now what?!

Now that I have completed my Marathon and I no longer have a training plan….I am at a loss with what to do with myself! Okay, not really…but kind of.

Yesterday I took advantage of my free time and took the pupster out on Marshall Mesa (while Ken did a tough bike workout)…it was weird to not be running.

002It was absolutely beautiful out!!!


Jasper was a bit confused my the slow speed of our venture, but thought that it was great because he could sniff EVERYTHING!


I was a bit jealous of the people that ran by us!


Mom…smell this…it smells awesome!!!


Clearly, when you are walking you have time to take really cool pictures with your dog.

011And amazing pictures of your shadow (check out Jasper sprinting in the background!)


Oh Flatirons…you are incredible!


Mom, this was the best idea ever!!


I loved every minute of our walk…minus the parts where I had to walk downhill-my quads did not like that at all!

We finished the night by cashing in my $10 off PF Changs coupon (my race bib…don’t worry, they gave it back) with some take out. Once home, we hit the couch with our grub and watched The Biggest Loser (somehow we are always eating during that show!).

This morning Ken woke up super early and headed into Boulder for Wednesday Worlds (a cyclocross group ride). I remember kissing him at 5:45 and the must have fallen back to sleep. Jasper and I didn’t drag our butts out of bed until 7!!! Lazy us!

Happily, when I did roll out of bed…I could walk. I feel about 85% back to normal today!! Yippeeee!!

Off to finish some paperwork, head home (early-tisk tisk) and do some baking and cooking!!

Thinking that maybe a trail marathon would be something exciting to do next year….hmmmmm?? Oh…and some cross training for sure!

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