Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bike races and a Marathon

It is official…I am a marathoner! Who would have thought that in just over a year and a half, I could go from someone who thought a 5k was long to someone running 26.2 miles?! I would not have bet on it!

But more on that in a bit…lets have a weekend play.by.play…

Friday I hit up the expo which was “decent.” I was pretty tired so I didn’t hang out too long. When I got home, I made some dinner while Ken took over the dining room table…


We hit the couch soon after dinner….conserving energy and all.

Saturday morning was pretty relaxed…just getting things in order and prepped for the rest of the weekend. Around 12:30, we loaded up the truck (in the pouring rain) and set out for Fort Collins.

When we got to the race (US Grand Prix of Cyclocross event) everything looked miserable. It was pouring, windy and the course was all torn up….mud everywhere! I was glad that I was in my winter coat, hat and gloves and felt bad for Ken in his little spandex outfit. Brrr! The race looked anything but fun.

Ken got taken out 3 times by other people and slid out twice on his own. He was nice and sore afterward, not to mention filthy!




On a happier note, there was Hot Chocolate waiting in the truck…along with our dry puppy (I didn’t want him to freeze!!).

Once home, I threw together some spaghetti with meat sauce while Ken cleaned off his bike ( a huge undertaking). And then…I went to bed.

And when I woke up….it was Marathon day!!!!

The alarm went off at 4:30…I contemplated saying “forget about it” and going back to bed…but then hauled my butt downstairs to eat some food and pound some water. I threw on my outfit (um BRRRR) and layered on some extras and we were off.

I was so excited that Ken and Jasper came with me!


They hung out with me until the start and kept me from freaking out. Ken even warmed my legs up for me! Thanks Buddy!!

The first 12 miles were a blast! I absolutely loved the atmosphere. I was being super good about eating and things were great. Around mile 12.5 we had to go up a giant hill. At this point, I felt a little jealous of the people that split off for the half!

Once at the top, I was happy again and enjoyed the next 4ish miles. At mile 16, my hands started to feel really swollen. They were cold and I couldn’t bend my fingers well. So…as much as I was afraid to try the sports drink on the course (because I had never had it), I realized I needed some electrolytes! My sports chews were just not cutting it. I felt much better after my first cup.

Mile 20 is when I hit the wall. Hard. Every muscle in my legs started cramping and I started questioning why I had decided to run a marathon?! But between walking and stretching and jogging…I made it through. Mile 25 provided another giant hill…OUCH…but meant the rest was downhill! I flew through the last .4ish miles and across the finish line! I finished in 4:13:41 (about 13 minutes slower than I wanted). I was thrilled with my time and happy to fall into Ken’s waiting arms. Jasper jumped for joy (I am glad he could).



Thanks Mom for sponsoring my race look (and Sport Chalet too…hehe).  Check out my bling bling medal…heck yeah!!

It was so cold when I finished….but my amazing support crew had a sweatshirt for me…they are the best!

We walked hobbled back to the car and hurried home so I could shower and throw on other clothes before heading back to Fort Collins. Getting upstairs to the shower was quite exciting and I NEVER wanted to get out…it felt sooooo good! But, eventually, I did and we were out the door again.

I figured I would be starving after my race, but in reality all I wanted was a Coke (gross). Luckily I found one at the race.

The weather was so much better than the day before and Jasper got to hang out with us. He may have pulled me around a little thanks to my lack of ability to move. I enjoyed hanging out with Lauren and getting Ken ready for his race ( didn’t enjoy sprinting back to the tent for a tool that he didn’t have time to use..ouch!).

He had a much better day on the bike and even though he finished outside of where he wanted to be….he did fantastic!! Someone needs to tell him that he has been riding cyclocross for less than a year!



Dry clean clothes!!!!!



Needless to say, Jasper looked like this all the way home….


And Errin saved my life by dropping off a DELICOUS pizza….Thanks…You are AMAZING!!!

I have spent the last day and a half trying not to move! Oh my goodness…I never thought I could be so sore. Standing up may be one of the hardest actions of my life!

But look what my amazing husband brought home for me!!! Love him!! (I may have him convinced that the little pink one can go on the truck).


Next weekend is going to seem really tame…even with 2 bike races Winking smile

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