Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Love, Hate and Marathon Training

Training for a marathon has definitely been an experience. I started running (for real) last spring/summer. I completed two 5ks last year and just “decided” I was going to run a marathon. No big deal.

I enlisted the help of a friend who just happens to be a fantastic running coach and off we went. She has been writing me plans since November and the changes in my running have been spectacular.

For fun-sake…and pre-actually-running-a-marathon..I thought I would make a list of my Top 10 Things I have Loved…and Hated about Marathon Training!


1. Being able to eat anything.I.want! (All of it healthy of course, but the amount has been unbelievable!)



2. Having runs scheduled and knowing exactly what I am doing each day.

3. My pants fitting in completely different ways/ being more confident in a bathing suit.

4. The accomplishment on passing each distance level..10 miles used to seem unfathomable…now it “isn’t long”.

5. Ice baths….I have some weird love for them.


6. Watching my speed increase (My goal pace for my marathon is what I raced my 5ks at last year).

7. Races for “fun and training”-That half marathon was a blast!


teva 055Apparently I wear the same outfit to all my races Winking smile


8. Spending time with the pupster…best running partner EVER!


9. Having an excuse to pass out on the couch at 9 pm (don’t judge me).

10. Feeling fitter and healthier than ever Smile

11. The cute clothes (Yes, I know I went over).


1. Injuries (knee, foot, etc)…total bummers!

2. Feeling guilty if I had to miss a workout (this one faded towards the end when I started dealing with injuries).

3. Bonking during a long run and feeling TERRIBLE!

4. Fighting doubts as to whether I can do it or not.

5. The first 35 seconds of the ice bath Winking smile

6. Running in –8 degrees and 98 degrees (yuck and yuck)…don’t let the smile fool you!


7. Being hungry all the time (like having your tummy growl at a patient)..oops.

8. Ugly feet…That make Ken gag…they really aren’t that bad..I am going into the marathon with all 10 toenails! We will see about after.

I googled “ugly running feet” but couldn’t bring myself to post a picture…scary!

9. Having to shave because of wearing running shorts (okay, I sucked at this one and had hairy legs all summer…luckily capri/pant weather is approaching rapidly).

10. Chafing across the chest….Ouch!

Will I do it again? I will let you know after Sunday Winking smile

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  1. if you don't post till after sunday, good luck!

    ps- i liked how you hated having to shave because of running shorts. i don't think i would bother either. we're already married =P