Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Notorious Tuesday Bullet Points

Every Monday morning I put “Blog” on my “To Do List” but I always run out of time (yesterday I could have used about 4 more hours in the day).

So without further ado….


*Frisco for bike races! All of our guys did fantastic Smile Ken walked away with a 9th place finish and was pretty happy with that (as he should be!). BIG races next weekend!!


The trees were amazing…the colors are so vivid!

008Catch that guy!!!


Clearly I was expecting Ken to be much faster…that IS his hand on the right side of the picture…(actually I am just quite challenged in the picture taking department)


*Had a blast hanging with Lauren, Tim, Zane, Errin and Colin.

*Rushed into L-ville to see a patient and picked up a HS friend for dinner (and to use the Recovery Boots).

*Watched The Notebook while writing my lesson (mulit-tasker to the core)


*Did the church thing…those HS students were unruly! They had a plethora of energy and I was actually tired when we were done.

*Ken used his massage gift certificate! She tortured him…but not as good as I do…tehehehe.

*Cleaned up the homestead...the usual.

*Ken took me out for a nice hour spin on the bikes. I LOVE when he rides with me! Even though “easy” is quite a relative term….I think I impressed him with my bravery in the bike handling department…I rode off a curb AND up a curb…on my road bike! I think it is time to switch to cross-wink wink!

*Had a student over for dinner (he graduated this past May, but we still love him).

*Sprawled out on the couch with my boys….3 nights in a row of having company for dinner….we were BEAT!


*Cleaned the house and all that entails (laundry, sheets, dusting, vacuuming….all that jazz).

*Ran errands (Mostly grocery stuff).

*Didn’t run…hello marathon week!

*Put on Jasper’s Halloween costume to make sure it still fit…


He loves it, cant you tell? Winking smile

*Made dinner for Ken before heading out for the evening….

*Met a friend to watch one of my HS seniors play in a Powderpuff game…they grow up so fast!  They lost Sad smile

*Sat on the couch with Ken for half an hour before collapsing in bed.

I am thinking I need a day to relax…looking at the calendar…that will be November 12th. Literally the first day on my calendar without something planned (and honestly, we will see how long that lasts). Yikes!

Today I am doing the work thing and doing a little running afterwards. Should be just over 4 miles total with 2 super fast miles in the middle….cant believe I am running 26.2 on Sunday…eeeek!

Countdown to Marathon: 5 days! NERVOUS!!!

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