Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Winds are a Blowin

Howdy and Happy Thursday….so close to the Friday we all love so much!

**Side note…as I type this, I am listening to a new Pandora Station…Disney music anyone? Jasper seems to be a fan Simba Winking smile

Anyways….This week is a tough one! Late nights and I don’t get along really well (and by late, yes, I mean 10:30). Yesterday after work, I headed into Boulder to pick up the boys and take them to Boulder Reservoir. I had never been to the lake part, so it was neat to hang out up there.

We were actually up there for a reason…Ken and Colin were doing a Cyclocross clinic. It was neat watching them ride their bikes through all sorts of sand. It looked all sorts of hard . People were falling over left and right…I would have fit in very well!

While they stirred up dust, Jasper and I wandered about the lake. We found a group of guys with a Lab and the pups had a blast! Jasper was all about chasing the tennis ball out into the water. They guys found it very entertaining to have the dogs “race.” Jasper won every time (he is athletically gifted….just like his father!).


Beautiful, no?


We had a blast Smile I love being able to hang out around Ken, even if he is playing in the sand!

Around 6:45, I headed to a youth event. Hung out with some cool kids and then headed home to crawl into bed.

This morning I was lucky enough to not have to be anywhere until 11:30. This meant that Jasper and I could tackle my last 4 miles.before.the.race together!! We had a delightful time…minus the wind! The only problem…I was being sooooo careful, that I managed to roll my ankle off a curb. Hi…my name is LeeAnn and I am a train wreck!

I met my friend J for FroYo (Jasper joined us too) and we chatted about life. Her comments on my life…Wow, you are busy! Yeah well, that is how we roll.

Now my trusty sidekick and I are treating some patients before heading to hang out with my favoritest high school students. Sometimes I just want to hug them all….other times I want to throw them out the window…that seems like a normal relationship with teenagers!

See you tomorrow!

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