Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did Someone Say Snow?

Well, for once, the weather people were right. We awoke this morning to find a lovely layer of the white stuff. A thick layer. Like 8-10 inches or something crazy!

Ken actually got to work from home today. This meant (since I didn’t start until 10) that we got to stay in bed until 6:45 and have pancakes for breakfast! WIN!

This was my drive in to work…001

The roads we just wet, not snowy.


The workday went by super fast because I had a new patient and 2 meetings. Love when that happens. Before I knew it, it was 4:00 and I was ready to head home to my boys. Ken and Colin rode at lunch so Ken is all mine for the evening!

Here is a random picture of the bookcase I love so much…


A constant work in progress.

And they boys put on a little show for me…indoor play time!




I convinced Jasper that it was warm enough to show me the snow in the backyard.

Water bowl…



Oh silly dog!



Around 5, K and I went to Costco in search of a computer desk that we had seen this summer. No luck finding it, but we did walk away with one of these babies…


We can know tell you the exact temperature and the humidity. We are so high tech. Well-at least Ken is!

Jasper liked it so much, he spun around in circles!


And then realized he was exhausted after a day of watching Ken work.


Off to cuddle with my family Smile

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  1. the snow looks beautiful! i'd love to see our dogs try and figure out what it was, haha